Review of Mushroom Sourdough Pizza (Veganised) at Real Food by consciouscookieee

photo of Real Food Mushroom Sourdough Pizza (Veganised) shared by @consciouscookieee on  16 Apr 2020 - review

Tasty combination of tomato base (to veganise this dish), mushrooms, nutritional yeast & vegan parmesan (nut-based). Love the chewy, crispy stone-oven-baked pizza crust ^^ Just $8 for a pizza under the 1-for-1 #circuitbreaker promo! #sgeats #pizza

herbimetal Wow do you get it delivered? No vegan cheese base?Reply
consciouscookieee @herbimetal I went to pick-up! :) Nope hahaReply
herbimetal @consciouscookieee do you stay near there? Circuit breaker is making going out inconvenient 😪Reply
consciouscookieee @herbimetal The distance is ok for me haha was on the way to Cold Storage too! Reply
herbimetal @consciouscookieee I see. I hardly go out now. Don't want to catch or spread germs. Go to park on weekendsReply
consciouscookieee @herbimetal Take care & stay safe!! ❤️Reply
herbimetal @consciouscookieee thanks. Stay safe tooReply

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