Review of General Tso’s ‘Chickn’ at Bodhi Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant by ginasveganagogo

photo of Bodhi Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant General Tso’s ‘Chickn’ shared by @ginasveganagogo on  25 Oct 2019 - review

This is the best General Tso’s ever. My husband and I are big General Tso’s tofu fans and we try it everywhere on a quest for the best and we found it. While most GT dishes are pretty sweet with a touch of spiciness which is OK but.... THIS GT ‘chickn’ has the best ever sauce with the slightest hint of sweetness a nice savory base and a good hear level. The breading was light and crisp and the ‘chickn’ had an amazing flavor and texture. And it’s crazy cheap for NYC. The only downside is that we live in Missouri and this place is in NYC. This GT dish is worth relocating for. If you’re in NYC definitely check it out.

autumnleaves Looks amazing Reply

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