Review of Almond Butter - The Source Bulk Foods Singapore by nicnicnic

photo of The Source Bulk Foods Singapore Almond Butter shared by @nicnicnic on  06 Oct 2019 - review

The Source Bulk Foods Singapore

Almond butter without all the nasty ingredients & preservatives? Plus it’s a huge bottle for just $23! The texture is amazing and the best thing to put on toast, smoothies and açaí bowls 😍

amindfulmiao 😍😍😍Reply
dourayra It makes me so happy that there are lots of stuff in this bulk store 😀Reply
nicnicnic @dourayra there is a lot of amazing things here eheheh are there a lot of you have bulk stores in germany? 😊Reply
nicnicnic @dourayra **are there a lot of bulk stores in germany? 😊Reply
dourayra @nicnicnic 3 stores in Munich i think 😀 never tried the almond butter though! It's great that things are changing 👌Reply
nicnicnic @dourayra oooooh that’s great!!! it’s so much easier to buy things too 😊Reply
shraddha Best almond butter in Singapore + value for money!!Reply
nicnicnic @shraddha i love it!!Reply

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