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Review of Pavlova at The Botanic (Temporarily Closed) by waisum

photo of The Botanic (Temporarily Closed) Pavlova shared by @waisum on  12 May 2019 - reviewphoto of The Botanic (Temporarily Closed) Pavlova shared by @waisum on  12 May 2019 - review

Excited to try vegan meringue for the first time and I'm guessing they used aquafaba to make it. Love the texture and how it crumbles and melts the minute you put it in your mouth. The coconut whipped cream was awesome too and paired well with the passionfruit and mango (Asian fruits ftw!)

r3ddrag0n Wow the whole menu sounds so good! Reply
waisum their regular ala carte menu looks good too, will definitely head back to try more stuffReply
lou wow vegan meringue! looks awesome 😍Reply
waisum taste was awesome too :PReply
sylchew Is this place considered fine dining?Reply
waisum @sylchew th resrurant setting is prettt casal even though the price point is slightly higher than averageReply
waisum @sylchew lol my auto correct is epicReply
sylchew @waisum ohhh i seeReply
sylchew @waisum HAHAHAHA😂Reply
herbimetal Wow how much does it cost? Reply
waisum @herbimetal $49++ per set but mums got to dine for free that dayReply
herbimetal @waisum wow. That price is way out for me. Max I ever spent was around $30 Reply