Dairy-Free Cashew-Based Cream Cheese Style Spread

by Yoso
3.87 (3)
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Most helpful reviews

This tastes great, but it's really not trying to be cream cheese the way that

Tofutti or President's Choice vegan cream cheese is. I would market this as a soft vegan cheese analogous to Boursin. I would put this on crackers rather than on a bagel. If what you're looking for is a creamy, soft, tasty vegan cheese then this is a great option.

Man did I miss cream cheese in the morning! Creamy and tasty! Can be a

lil tough to spread

This is okay as a spread. It doesn't taste like dairy cream cheese. When I

made my own cashew cream it tastes much better than this so I would not recommend. I'll stick with tofutti for a cream cheese replacement.

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