Dairy free go-gurt

by Yoplait
4.57 (6)
  • Is Dairy free go-gurt vegan? Yes! Dairy free go-gurt is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 64%

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

a family member didn’t even realize these were vegan while buying them! theyre made from

a coconut base and contain live cultures.

they taste exactly like the regular go-gurts. the coconut flavor isn’t very strong. even for a big brand, these aren’t flavored or colored with artificial sources but instead naturally colored with beet juice.
#glutenfree #ditchdairy #veganyogurt #coconutlover #berrylover

I’m seriously so happy these exist! I wish there were more flavors to choose from

other than just strawberry but hey, they work for now. I really like the creaminess of the yogurt and the flavor is good and I don’t typically like artificial strawberry flavor. These are great for me to take to work without the mess. Definitely would recommend and will be repurchasing! I have one left in the freezer as they make great yogurt pops during the hot months.

I’m so happy they came out with a vegan version of one of my child-hood

favs. These are very creamy and not too sweet. I was pleasantly surprised. Definitely freeze them! So good! They also have different jokes on them 😂 #veganisnotscary

These are not a health food, but as a mom with 2 vegan kids who

sometimes want to eat things their friends eat, this product helps! They say they taste good and are easy to grab on the go. Not sustainable packaging so I won’t buy often but nice to have as a treat.

The coconut base was strong and it didn’t taste much like strawberry, but it’s a

start and I’m glad they started making more vegan options

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