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  • raspberry cheesecake ice cream
  • raspberry cheesecake ice cream

raspberry cheesecake ice cream

by Yoconut


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4 September 2020
This is the holy grail, a vegan cheesecake that tastes like a cheesecake. It's also

ice cream. Insanely good. #alv

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vegan, creamy original flavour, decent price compared to other vegan ice cream brands only $4

compared to the usual $9 or $10 x

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OMG! I love raspberry and the flavour in this ice cream is so good, the

texture is great with little 'bits' in it blended through raspberry swirls. So moorish I had to force myself to stop or I would have eaten the lot. It says new, so hopefully they keep this one going. Worth trying if you like cheesecake & raspberry.

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