Chocolate Vanilla Granola Bites

by Yava
4.20 (4)
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Most helpful reviews

One of my favorite breakfasts with granola and chocolate, it goes great with oat milk

Crunchy, delicious and moreish. Sweet but not high in fat or sugar. I could eat

a whole bag of just the chocolate ones myself!

Decent #granola bites product, if borderline #toohealthy 😅 I don't know why but I expected

#chocolate and #vanilla mixed into the same cluster, rather than a bag with two separate flavours, and this made the light-touch approach to flavouring even more significant 😬

I wouldn't eat them on their own, but as a topping for my ice-cream (2nd picture) they did the job 🙂

These are super yummy! Great for a snack and comes in a resealable bag. #chocoholic

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