by wunderkern
4.10 (4)

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so so impressed, could be a potential new favorite! this milk is made out of

saved apricot seeds and I would say is the closest to almond milk but way more sustainable. sweetness is greag but I would love an unsweetened version and added calcium. I hope they will make more flavors and milk from other seeds in the future too. will definitely get again. #milkalternatives #milkalternative

Such an original idea to be making milk out of apricot pits. The taste is

different than what I am used to but not bad, it’s kind of a nutty flavor. I just have to read more about the process I always thought apricot pits were poisonous. 🤔🍑 #veganmilk

A very original, new kind of "milk" obtained from fruit stones - incredible but true

- and it's a very tasty, rich and creamy one. I love the idea behind it but I like the taste even more absolutely perfect on cereal. I will buy it regularly, if it's offered at my local supermarket.

A great new alternative from apricots stones - creamy, thick, with a slight almond taste.

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