Sticky Teriyaki Sauce

by Wicked
3.68 (5)
  • Is Sticky Teriyaki Sauce vegan? Yes! Sticky Teriyaki Sauce is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

New teriyaki sauce from Tesco! Pretty spjcy (as expected) but a really nice sweet and

salty flavour that works great with noodles 🍜

Spicier and a bit sweeter than I was expecting, still really nice. I like it

as a sauce over fried tofu.

This was just okay for me. The bottle states that it’s a teriyaki BBQ

sauce so I was curious to see which way it leaned into but it wasn’t really either. It is flavorful and has more heat than I expected. Not bad, just didn’t hit my fancy.

$1.99 at Grocery Outlet


This teriyaki sauce was spicy compared to others I’ve had. It’s nice, just not your

traditional flavor. It had a pretty smoky taste to it, too. Pretty good.

A little sweet for me but a nice savory/spicy sauce overall, love Derek Sarno's products,

really great chef and company. :)

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