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  • Plain tofu, Non GMO
  • Plain tofu, Non GMO

Plain tofu, Non GMO

by Wellness Warehouse


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  • Is Plain tofu, Non GMO vegan? Yes! Plain tofu, Non GMO is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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30 January 2023
Extra firm so maybe not best for scrambling. Can freeze for 2 months so I

put it in the freezer until I decide what to make with it. Purchased from the new Wellness Warehouse at Stellenbosch Square. #stellenbosch

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Super firm , delicious tofu
I was really impresssed with the quality of this tofu

, it was actually delicious cutting it into thin slices

Made some delicious Sloppy Joe’s , incredible laxy weekend chill meal

Can’t wait to try it in bolognese

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As far as tofu itself goes, this is a tasty, its hard to tell because

of all the extras you put with tofu scramble but can't complain.

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