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When Life Gives You Lemons Lemon Tarts

by We love cake
3.95 (4)

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Nice #glutenfree lemon tart! They were a little bit overprice and small but I like


Delicious, yummy biscuit base and strong lemon flavour, both my partner and I enjoyed! 🍋

🍋 I was surprised to find this in the freezer section of my local Sainsbury’s

and couldn’t help to try when it was about £1.50. As it’s #glutenfree I was sceptical. I shouldn’t have been as it has a BIA 2022 new bakery product of the year award 🏆. After taking it out of the freezer to defrost for two hours it was reminiscent of a lemon bar to me. I thought it was delicious and was pleasantly surprised. I don’t think I’ll get it again as it has several nasty additives sadly and palm oil. #lemon #vegandessert

🥕 Yuka: 🔴 Bad 1/100

These are pretty good if I’m in the mood for something lemon. I rarely would

choose these over the salted caramel chocolate flavour. But definitely good if you’re a fan of lemon.

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