Pumpkin Katsu Curry Bento

by wasabi
4.60 (4)

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I love Wasabi. After years of eating there and even doing part-time there when I

was younger, I never get sick of it. This pumpkin katsu curry is part of their vegan range. The curry comes plain, standard boiled rice and 2 pumpkin katsu. I tend not to enjoy pumpkin katsu as much as the vegan chicken katsu but this was very good for me. Sometimes what bothers me is if the pumpkin is too sweet in this kind of dish however on the few occasions I've had this bento, the pumpkin has been fine. I'd happily get this over and over again. It was priced at £6.75.

#wasabi #japanesecurry #pumpkin

You can’t ever go wrong with a katsu curry.
An incredibly tasty quick easy dinner

for when you don’t have time to cook.

From their bluewater store. £6 something. Very tasty and filling, labelled vegan.

Price: £4.50 (Sainsburys)

I get these every now and again when they are on discount for

a treat. The katsu sauce is my favourite and I wish Wasabi would just sell the sauce individually. But the rice and pumpkin fritters go nice with it making an overall decent meal.

#wasabi #katsu #katsucurry #pumpkin

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