Flamin Hot Giant Wotsits

by Walkers
4.33 (3)
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Most helpful reviews

I absolutely love these. Amazing flavour although I do prefer normal sized wotsits over the

giant ones. Usually £2 but often much cheaper on special offer

The best flavoured wotsit is back! Tastes amazing and is so cheap (especially on special


These are so addictive!

I think it’s something to do with the crunch on first bite,

and then they kind of melt in your mouth leaving you feeling like you’re not eating as many as you actually are!

The heat is nice, it’s not overly spicy for me, just a nice warm tingle.

I got these from Co-op for £1.50 which isn’t bad for a large pack of crisps. However it really doesn’t last long because you can eat a whole pack in a setting if you’re not careful.  I personally try not to buy these too often, but as a treat they are nice every now and again.

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