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polpettine vegetali

by Vivera


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  • Is polpettine vegetali vegan? Yes! polpettine vegetali is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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15 December 2022
Ho provato questo marchio per la prima volta e ne sono rimasta molto soddisfatta! Buonissime


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Buone queste polpettine che io ho preparato con il sugo di pomodoro e sono piaciute

anche ai non vegani. Peccato per la confezione in plastica riciclata. Il cartoncino esterno è riciclabile e contiene informazioni e ricette.

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Plant based #meatballs from Vivera! Based on protein from #soy and #wheat. They also contain

onion, garlic, mushroom, yeast extract, spice extract, herbs, spices and natural flavourings.

Easy to prepare, 6 minutes in a pan on medium heat. They brown nicely and do get a very light crisp on the outside. They are a bit on the dense side, reminding me of slightly overcooked meat. They aren’t dry though so it’s still enjoyable. They are slightly chewy in a good way! It’s a very meaty texture but you can also tell they aren’t made from real #meat, which I don’t mind.

Taste-wise they are okay, they are very #savoury but they don’t taste exactly like meat either. Despite the herbs/spices it doesn’t taste very seasoned. They have that mild base flavour that is nice and easy to utilize in a lot of meals without any clashing flavour. A good product but no groundbreaking flavours by itself.

A versatile #meatalternative that can be used in lots of pasta dishes and stews. They’re medium in size but you could probably put them on a pizza too!

They are #palmoilfree and nutfree. Contains added b12 and iron. Clearly labeled as vegan and the packaging is #recyclable.

💵~43 NOK at Kiwi. Each pack contains 12 balls. Not a bad price!

I like them and would probably repurchase! I prefer the VegMe balls, but no stores seem to have those anymore🥲

#veganmeatballs #fakemeat #dinner #mockmeat #swedishmeatballs #veganmeat

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Booone! Prese per caso per una cena veloce e non me ne sono pentita! A

prova di onnivoro. sono molto saporite e all'interno ci sono dei piccoli bocconcini di soia interi che rendono un po' più interessante la consistenza. Sono leggermente gommose ma non sono particolarmente fastidiose. Non saprei dire di cosa sappiano.
La confezione contiene 200g di prodotto che consistono in più di 10 polpette, forse 11, e me lo sono mangiate tutte in un sol pasto! a parte 1 che ho gentilmente donato al mio compagno Ahahahah.
Riempienti ma non pesanti.
I valori nutrizionali sono ottimi, sono carichi di proteine 17g su 100g! Addizionate con ferro e B12. Packaging carta e plastica ahimé.
Le ho cotte nella friggitrice ad aria e sono uscite magnificamente

🇬🇧 They're good! Brought in for a quick dinner and did not regret it! Omnivore-proof. they are very tasty and inside there are small chunks of soy which make the texture a little more interesting. They are slightly chewy but aren't particularly annoying. I can't tell what they taste like. The package contains 200g of product which consists of more than 10 meatballs, maybe 11, and I ate them all in one meal! apart from 1 which I kindly donated to my partner Hahahaha. Filling but not heavy. The nutritional values ​​are excellent, they are loaded with 17g of protein per 100g! Add iron and B12. Paper and plastic packaging.


#veganmeatballs #sogood #veganisnotscary #vegan #tasty #veganmeat #protein #veganprotein

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