Thai Milk Tea (Soy)

by Vitamilk
4.63 (8)
  • Is Thai Milk Tea (Soy) vegan? Yes! Thai Milk Tea (Soy) is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

I had to triple check to make sure this was vegan!!!! happy to finally have

a vegan bottled thai tea <3

Very worth it at 80cents a bottle just that I spent 30min trying to open

it without a bottle opener
actually q sweet but the tea taste not bad

Refreshing sweet cold tea. Tastes similar to rooibos tea.

These are so rare in Singapore 😔 If you were to ask me what filming

@harsha's fyp in Krabi tasted like this would be it 🤪

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