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  • Vegane Genießerscheiben Würzig
  • Vegane Genießerscheiben Würzig

Vegane Genießerscheiben Würzig

by Vemondo


4.02 (32)

  • Is Vegane Genießerscheiben Würzig vegan? Yes! Vegane Genießerscheiben Würzig is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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30 May 2021
Genießer Scheiben, würzig
(Cheese Slices, aromatic)
They taste well, smells strong and melt nicely...
Those vegan cheese slices

are made of almond base with coconut oil (no coconut taste!) soy free, and palm oils free.
Bought: Germany, "Lidl" supermarket, 1,99 €

#govegan #ditchdairy

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After a long time without cheese #murdairy we started again with one of our favourites.

We used to eat this one a lot, it's closer to milk-cheese than others and available at Lidl.

Lange keinen Käse mehr gegessen und jetzt haben wir wieder damit angefangen. Er war unser Lieblingskäse, denn er kommt Milchkäse recht nah. Außerdem gibt es den bei Lidl und damit fast überall.

#käse #cheese #notyourmomnotyourmilk

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Queso de la marca blanca de Lidl hecho a base de almendras y coco 🥥.

En el súper había dos versiones: la "suave" y la "fuerte". Esta es la fuerte, pero tampoco tiene mucho sabor, la verdad 🤔 La textura es un poco seca, se rompe fácilmente. Está bien para dar el pego en un pan o sándwich 🥪, pero he probado muchos quesos veganos mucho más sabrosos.
#glutenfree #palmoilfree

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Vemondo's epicurean slices are similar to other cheese substitutes. It doesn't have much to do

with cheese. They remind me more of those sandwich cheese slices from Hochland. Taste-wise they are OK, already spicy, but nothing special. To have some variety, you can buy them now and then. The nutritional values are not that great. Like other manufacturers, they consist mainly of fat and carbohydrates.

#vegan #lactosefree

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