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Bio coconut with strawberry

by Vemondo
4.06 (32)
  • Is Bio coconut with strawberry vegan? Yes! Bio coconut with strawberry is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 64%

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Most helpful reviews

Tastes almost the same as danio strawberry yogurt, but a lot cheaper. A sweet, creamy

strawberry yogurt with pieces of strawberry. I will definitely purchase this again. #sweettooth #dessert #vemondo #savemoney

Dessert vemondo. Al cocco e fragola. Buonissimo. Veg ovviamente

It was a bit unclear what this was supposed to be, but I am guessing

yoghurt based on that is says "fermented coconut product" on the back. However, it was way, way too sweet for yoghurt, and it had a funny taste. I much prefer the Just Free yoghurt pots from Lidl. These were 99p for 2 which is very cheap, but I would rather pay the extra 18p for Just Free (they are 59p each), as these just weren't tasty. #yoghurt #veganyogurt #veganyoghurt #yogurt #lidl #vemondo #strawberry #strawberries #strawberryyogurt #strawberryyoghurt #berrylover

Sono letteralmente rimasta senza parole per questo yogurt, la nota delicata del cocco insieme alla

fragola non pensavo mi potesse piacere! Adoro 🥰

Yogurt al cocco e fragola 🍓 🍓🍓
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