Vegan Iron 25mg

  • Is Vegan Iron 25mg vegan? Yes! Vegan Iron 25mg is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

I’m grateful I was able to address my anemia using this product. Other iron supplements

gave me stomach troubles but not this one. The tablets are really small but I still chew them 😬 because I can’t swallow pills and they don’t taste too bad with applesauce. Highly highly recommend.

This is a really good iron supplement. The tablet size is very small, so easy

to swallow.

Es un suplemento muy completo, lleva B12, Hierro, Vitamina C y Ácido fólico.. perfecta para

quien quiera tomar en una única pastilla diaria todo esto. Pero personalmente la B12 la prefiero semanal y sublingual. #SantuarioGaia

It’s just the peace of mind knowing that your supplements will help support your health

and aren’t adding to cruelty.

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