Yeast Extract Spread

by Vegemite
4.34 (50)
  • Is Yeast Extract Spread vegan? Yes! Yeast Extract Spread is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 11%

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They’re age-old questions, questions old as time itself, questions remaining undeciphered, mysterious as the Loch.


or Xbox? Holden or Ford? Marmite or Vegemite?

I’m with the Aussies on this one, sorry mate.

Does that make me a non-patriot? Not likely, the taste-buds want what the taste-buds want.

“Vegemite became officially vegan,” (with people claiming they can taste a difference), “without changing its recipe, because—surprise—it has always been vegan. Among its ingredients are yeast extract (from yeast grown on barley and wheat) as well as salt. Vegemite's ingredients haven't changed since it was first rolled out back in 1923.”

Fair dinkum, mate, fair suck o’ the sauce bottle! Wrap your laughing gear ‘round that, bloody delicious!


This is pure vegan gold! On a toast with nuttelex and peanut butter... Yummy! #alv

I was so happy when I discovered the Aussie classic vegemite was vegan. It has

a unique flavour I have not found in many other places. It’s a sort of salty flavour that I think is called umami. It tastes so good and I have it practically every morning on toast with vegan butter. It is also full to the brim with vitamins necessary in everyday life. I would definitely recommend trying this even if you are not Australian. #veganin2020

Found vegemite at the Spar in Constantia. Expensive at R120 but if you use sparing

can last for a long time. Tastes best on toast. Happy memories from living in England. #greyton

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