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  • Is Tunno vegan? Yes! Tunno is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 50%

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29 November 2021
ok guys, i found my new addiction, my new love. this stuff is so, so

good. i could eat the whole can in one sitting. delicious and also a great texture. the taste is not quite like i remember tuna, but even better. kinda not fishy at all. the base of it is pea protein. no soy. 11g of protein eur 3.49

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I had 2 different sorts of plant based tuna and this one is much better

than the other one. The texture is a bit wet but otherwise really good. My non-vegan friend who doesn’t eat fish and doesn’t like it, ate this and he said it was fine and I agree. 👌🏽😍

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First time trying vegan tuna! Boy was I excited. I haven't ate tuna for about

4 years now, and it was a regular breakfast/dinner for me back then when I viewed fish as meals instead of sentient beings. Anyway, this vegan alternative completely met my expectations! The texture and flavors are really similar! Although, of course, this is a healthier and a lot more sustainable option. I would give it 5* if it wasn't for the price - €4 is really too much for a 140g of product in this part of Europe. People who want to try transitioning to more plant-based options would consider this too expensive and probably wouldn't try it, which is a shame. You can get almost the same flavor and texture and it's completely cruelty-free. Well done, Veganz! Germany can be proud. 🇩🇪


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Rispetto al Vuna è meno “bagnato” e morbido. La cosa strana è che il sapore

ricorda noci e nocciole! Anche se è fatto con le proteine dei piselli. Ma il sapore è assolutamente tendente alla noce.
Sulla pizza con la cipolla ci è piaciuto molto 🍕
Trovato all’eurospar a nuova goriza

#nontonno #slovenia #novagoriza

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