Organic Hazelnut Choc Bar

by Veganz
4.20 (51)
  • Is Organic Hazelnut Choc Bar vegan? Yes! Organic Hazelnut Choc Bar is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 57%

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

Deadass thought I brought the protein one with me, turns out it's the opposite and

a blessing in disguise. Imagine the vego Hazelnut bar but thicker!! This was so so good #bestchoc ever. Even has whole hazelnuts inside!!!!🍫

One of my favorite nougat chocolates 😍 I leider be the nougat and the not

too dark chocolate on the outside not to forget the whole hazelnuts 😋 So incredibly yummy! Fortunately, the barons not that huge 🙈 #veganuary

Sooo sweet. This bar is still very yummy, like nougat with hazelnuts inside. #abillionlove

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