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  • Doppelkeks Original (Biscuit Sandwiches)
  • Doppelkeks Original (Biscuit Sandwiches)

Doppelkeks Original (Biscuit Sandwiches)

by Veganz


4.20 (81)

  • Is Doppelkeks Original (Biscuit Sandwiches) vegan? Yes! Doppelkeks Original (Biscuit Sandwiches) is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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4 December 2019
The #Veganz Doppelkeks is my favourite ever! They are so good, I’m addicted to these!

Let my bf try it and he asked me if I was sure the biscuits are vegan. It’s so good!!! #chocolate

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🇮🇹 questi biscotti sono veramente deliziosi! Più grossi del normale e con un bel ripieno.

Sicuramente una bella scoperta
🇬🇧 these biscuits are really delicious! Are bigger than the normal ones and they have a nice filling. It’s a really nice discovery
Yuka 🥕: 30/100
#abillionlove #vegan #veganisnotscary #rifugiomiletta #biscuits

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This tasted really great! I believe they have a lemon flavour as well. The chocolate

tasted 'healthy' (iykwim) but it was still good. There are some 'healthier' choc sandwich biscuits out there that are missing the taste factor. Wasn't extremely moreish so I could stop after like 4-5 (oops), but that just means it's less likely for me to finish everything in 1 sitting (that's a good thing, right? 😂😂)

//9 Dec 2021

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