Dairy Free Pizza blend cheese alternative

by Veesey
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The multiple Veesey products imported from Greece, are my personal favourite dairy-free cheeses to purchase

out of what is currently available here in New Zealand—with an especial nod to the cheddar.

I recently decided to try their pre-grated pizza blend and was not disappointed.

It has a mild taste, is conveniently grated, and melts well enough in the oven—not quite as well as you’d hope though, and have to admit that seems to be a recurring theme with dairy-free cheeses here at this stage.

Overall, I will continue to buy Veesey over the other options—despite a slightly smaller weight for your buck—and simply because, in my opinion, it tastes best by a country mile. 😃

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Definitely more expensive than regular cheese but this one melted or at least softened really

nicely on the pizza when cooked and actually tasted like cheese. The vegan bacon which I'll review separately wasn't so great for me (too smokey) but the kids did love it. Ordered a regular Domino's pizza same time for comparison and can happily say the vegan one was nicer. Nice bonus is the bag is resealable too.

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