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il Budino Cacao

by Valsoia


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  • Is il Budino Cacao vegan? Yes! il Budino Cacao is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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19 May 2023
Yum! I love these little chocolate pots

Their texture is my favourite part, they are soft

enough to easily melt in your mouth when eating them. But they still have that firmness that gives them a proper #pudding consistency without feeling like jelly. It’s nicely smooth as well and very satisfying to eat!

The taste is decently #sweet! The chocolatey flavour is tasty and creamy. I wouldn’t say it is dark #chocolate flavoured, but it’s a bit richer tasting compared to the super mild ones I used to eat as a child. Definitely has the same vibes though and I am really glad this is available. It does have a slight soy aftertaste, but that’s not something that bothers me personally.

They are #palmoilfree, #glutenfree and #nutfree. Contains added calcium, B2, B12 and D2. The packaging has no mention about recycling.
Shelf-stable but best served chilled! Definitely recommend eating them out of the pots, they don’t remove easily as you can see😆

💵~32 NOK at Coop. Each pack contains two snack-sized pots.

I have repurchased these several times, it’s a nice little #sweettreat that I recommend!

#veganpudding #chocoholic #dessert #chocolatepudding #chocolatelovers #vegandessert

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