Dark Chocolate covered peanuts

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  • Is Dark Chocolate covered peanuts vegan? Yes! Dark Chocolate covered peanuts is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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Not sure why people eat the cruelty-filled m&ms…when you can have these! These are soooo

good and they’re #vegan! Love love love them! Found the big bag at Zerbos and you can find individual bags at Better Health.

los acabo de probar hace unos días y ME ENCANTARON. ya tenia uuuuuu como casi

cinco años sin probar chocolatitos asi tipo m&m's. que chilo que ya haya una opción vegana 🌱 . la verdad saben deliciosos, me encantaron. compraria el paquete grande para preparar unos brownies o algun pastelito jejejeje. recomendado, si les gusta el chocolate, pruebenlos. 🫶

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Sprouts had a BOGO coupon on their app for Unreal so I picked up a

bag of dark chocolate peanut butter cups and these dark chocolate covered peanuts. (If you shop at Sprouts, please make sure to DL the app immediately if you haven’t already…often times there are great deals!)

I haven’t had M&Ms in 7+ years so my recollection could be off, but I’d dare to say these taste better. The crunch of the shell and the peanuts is so satisfying. The dark chocolate helps balance the sweetness out. The colors are much prettier too, even though they are from natural sources 😊

Though I do really enjoy these, I probably won’t pick them up unless they are on sale.

⚠️ Unreal is not a vegan brand, but they do label their vegan options, so make sure to check the packaging before purchasing.

$5.99 BOGO at Sprouts (normally $5.99 per bag)


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