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Smoothie triple blue

by True Fruits
4.47 (3)

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Most helpful reviews

Original smoothie but too sweet 🤔
The big bottle last stayed forever in my fridge

until I finished it 😅
The mix of ingredients ok
Color beautiful
Consistency ok
Flavor —- extremely sweet

#veganisnotscary ❤️

Very nice juice with an interesting color! It has apples, banana, grapes, guava, yuzu and

spirulina! Bought at Rewe, costs 4 euro and it is 750 ml in a nice glass bottle that you can use again for water or whatever you like.

Well well,
I am really into these smoothies lately :)
I prefer the 750ml ones but

this 250ml one was great too.
The blue colour does not affect the flavour xD I can guarantee that.
Tastes like any other good smoothie.


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