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  • Protein Flapjack Salted Caramel
  • Protein Flapjack Salted Caramel

Protein Flapjack Salted Caramel



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  • Is Protein Flapjack Salted Caramel vegan? Yes! Protein Flapjack Salted Caramel is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 87%

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7 June 2023
Trek salted caramel protein flapjack. Trek bars have been my go to work snack for

an energy kick for a while now & this is my favourite flavour.

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Since I just shared one salted caramel bar I disliked, I’ll share one that I

actually loved - although it also didn’t really give ✨ SaLteD CarAmeL ✨ I had this soon after trying Kaylee’s Malva Pudding and I am 100% convinced this TREK bar could’ve been Malva Pudding flavoured 😍

This bar contains 9g of protein in comparison to the 8g of protein for the HOM salted caramel macadamia bar. In this regard, I appreciate the fact that HOM doesn’t market their bar as a protein bar. Vegan “protein” bars often contain such misleading advertising. I will say, the TREK bar was not as bad as others.

I would get this again.

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Really yummy protein flap jack! Wish there was slightly higher protein macros though 👀💪
It's a

great on-the-go / grab-and-go snack.
The price is a little high, but definitely not as bad as some other protein bars😊 (I think it's about R24 for one at dischem😅)

10/90 #veganisnotscary

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