Protein Flapjack (Cocoa Oat)

4.17 (94)
  • Is Protein Flapjack (Cocoa Oat) vegan? Yes! Protein Flapjack (Cocoa Oat) is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 35%

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Most helpful reviews

I've always been a fan of the Trek bar. It's the perfect meal replacement for

when you're on the move. A great treat as well. #pigsnpaws

Once more, I love packaging that doesn't make me look for the vegan label 👏🙌


#flapjack was good too, the #chocolate flavour wasn't the strongest, but the mixture of #oat and #coconut was pleasant, and I was anyway only ever really going to use it as a pairing for some cheeky ice-cream at midnight 😛😏


These were costly but worth the buy🥳

These flapjacks may look simple enough to fool, but

by God's grace were they tantalisingly delicious! :P

And I for one didn't really mind the seemingly thin choc ganache layer 🙋 bcos savouring it as a whole was a happy experience to remember ~

Can't get enough of these lol - only 3 packets in a box :'( 🤫🤪 ..still contemplating whet to share or have it all to myself ha

#ukglory #protein #flapjacks #grabngo #abillionlove

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