Taco salad

by Trader Joe's
4.87 (3)
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The best thing about this salad kit is it’s not just a bunch of iceberg

with a dressing thrown in; it has tons of fun toppings and all kinds of seasoning. There’s even protein—chipotle seitan. Also included: pico de gallo, purple tortilla chips, spicy jalapeño ranch style dressing. I even turned it into actual tacos one day, but the dressing does make it taste like a salad, so that format’s the best bet. I would get this again and again. Really proud of TJ’s for upping their vegan game.

Really love most of the components of this salad. There weren’t enough leafy greens so

I added more of my own. I love the Pico de Gallo since it has corn and black beans on it and the salad dressing is good, but could stand for it to be spicier since it’s jalapeño. Also added some alpha chicken patties for additional flavor.

It’s a really good salad would prefer a different dressing and recommend warming up the

seitan ☺️

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