Sunflower Seed Butter 🌻

by Trader Joe's
5.00 (3)

About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

This stuff is awesome. I have a nut allergy so can’t eat peanut butter OR

tree nut butters because of cross contamination. This sunflower butter is from a nut free facility and honestly I like the taste even more than peanut butter. It’s exactly the same texture, just a sunflower-y taste. Even if I stopped having a nut allergy tomorrow I would still choose this over peanut butter.

I used to be allergic to peanuts until the ripe age of 17 (weird right)

, but instead of peanut butter, I would sub everything for sunflower seed butter and I really love it!! Super underrated alternative and it tastes wonderful as well

This is my new favorite thing! 🌻 The flavor is unique in a good way.

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