Miso Vegetables And Brown Rice Sauté Kit

by Trader Joe's
4.43 (6)
  • Is Miso Vegetables And Brown Rice Sauté Kit vegan? Yes! Miso Vegetables And Brown Rice Sauté Kit is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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Most helpful reviews

Absolutely fantastic! The sauce had great flavor and I love the convenience of prepared veggies.

I did however toss the brown rice that came with it and used what I had I the fridge. The rice was hard and I couldn’t get it to break up.

These new sauté kits are really cool. The dressing is delicious. I throw my tofu

in this and it’s great.

I don’t usually like to buy these kits because of the excessive packaging, but I

wanted to have a nutritious easy meal for two on hand. This was pretty good, thanks to the miso sauce, and was certainly nutritious with all the veggies.

I liked this new dish. It’s like a salad kit but with stir fry. The

fresh veggies are in the bag plus 2 smaller bags, one with brown rice and the other with sauce. I liked the sauce although it’s more on the sweet side but not too much. I served with some marinated tofu and spicy green beans.

This is fairly good - Not exceptional - but a good, easy kit to have

as a side dish. Would likely be good as a main dish if adding tofu.

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