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Treehouse Tempeh Organic Soy

by Tofurky
4.63 (12)
  • Is Treehouse Tempeh Organic Soy vegan? Yes! Treehouse Tempeh Organic Soy is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

Love tempeh! I've been eating it for 10+ years and became proper hooked on it

when I was living in Bali and could buy it for 10 cents, those were the days! Tempeh in the US can be pricey but it's a quality protein option! I love making tempeh bacon or tempeh jerk chicken. Also love it on salads!

Textured, organic, fermented soy. Good source of fiber and protein! One of my favorite brands.

🌿 #uplandspeak

I made a sesame ginger stir fry with this tempeh from Tofurky. It is one

of the more expensive brands at my supermarket, but the taste is just as lovely as any other tempeh I’ve purchased. I like frying tempeh cubes so they get crispy and then I added in this marinade so it can caramelize in the pan. #veganisnotscary

This tempeh is great to add protein to your meal. Crumbled or sliced and fried.

It will take on what ever flavor you put on it. #sweetfarm

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