Organic Culinary Matcha Tea

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This was the second time this week that I stole my afternoon snack for breakfast😳

I wonder if it has something to do with the change of the season🌿
Anyhow, to make it less of a dessert and add some #caffeine☀️, I mixed some of this #matcha powder to the chia pudding part. It’s culinary grade, so a bit astringent and bitter, something I wanted to counter the sweetened silken tofu below. (Although then I added some maple syrup to tone it down a bit😅)
Since it’s green and I happened to have some kiwis🥝 at hand, might as well go with the flow; and some blackberries and mesquite powder to finish.
This review is supposed to be about the matcha? Oh well, it’s all right. Good to add to smoothies, baked goods or as a natural coloring. I don’t recommend making latte with it though. It’s most likely going to be thin and flavorless. But for daily boost of #antioxidant and caffeine, it’s good quality and cost-effective (I even skipped my coffee thanks to it😉)
#abillionlove #eattherainbow #dessert

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