Southern Fried W*ngs Herbs & Spices

  • Is Southern Fried W*ngs Herbs & Spices vegan? Yes! Southern Fried W*ngs Herbs & Spices is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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About the brand

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Most helpful reviews

As there's mushrooms on the box, I was expecting more of a mushroom filling. It

was tasty nevertheless. The bread crumb coating is really nice and they got perfectly with mayo and Siracha

✔️ lovely crispy coating
👍 mild hot & spicy
✔️ handmade
👍 great size x

✔️ very easy to cook in oven
👍 48g protein
✔️ not oily
👍 slight smoky flavour

Served ours with sweet chilli sauce or bbq sauce 🔥

Filling needs more seasoning eg black pepper

Overall nice, but would not call this a chicken substitute

🛒 Morrisons
🏷 £5 on offer x 2 packs

#chicken #meatfree #protein #madewithlove
#chickenfree #vegan #veganfood

I’ve been looking for these at Morrisons for ages, and they finally got rid of

other brands to make room for VEGilantes, which I saw online several times. Well! The w*ngs are exceptional! The pack includes 6 of them and they’re pretty big, I couldn’t finish all of them, they’re very filling. Consistency and taste are really good, a little spicy but not too much. For £2 it’s a bargain! I’ll have them on my lazy nights 😋

Cause #veganisnotscary !!

#wings #vegilantes #veganchicken #chickenless #chickenwings #morrisons

These were the first things I've tried from 'The VEGilantes' range (I'm a fan of

the name haha) and they were very pleasant. They made a nice, healthy dinner with some rice and salad but would also be good with rice and some kind of sauce, like sweet n sour. They weren't dry, had a nice, crisp coating and were well seasoned. They were a bit chewy but not in a bad way and had a nice texture inside. They were made of soy protein and mushrooms, which was surprising, but didn't taste like mushroom at all. Even my grandma tried these and said they looked and tasted like chicken and she wouldn't be able to tell it wasn't unless someone told her otherwise, very high praise indeed from someone who is definitely not vegan (she still tries to feed me fish because she thinks they don't count 😭).

£3 for 6 pieces from Morrisons is decent and they are pretty filling, I would buy them again if I was looking for a chicken substitute for a quick dinner.

#veganisnotscary #chicken

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