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  • Crispy chickimicki Burger
  • Crispy chickimicki Burger

Crispy chickimicki Burger

by The Vegetarian Butcher


4.35 (30)

  • Is Crispy chickimicki Burger vegan? Yes! Crispy chickimicki Burger is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 47%

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21 October 2022
It’s great to be able to have a crispy and delicious chic burger to go

with fries and some beans on a lazy evening. The flavour profile is delicious. And the texture is perfect. Thanks to the VB!!

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🇮🇹 sempre una bella scoperta i prodotti di vegetarian butcher, questi finti burger erano diversi

dal solito ma erano comunque buoni. Croccanti e saporiti
🇬🇧 vegetarian butcher’s products are always a good discovery. These fake burger were good also if different from the other plant based alternatives, but they were still good. Crunchy and flavorful
Yuka🥕: 49/100
#abillionlove #veganisnotscary #vegan #rifugiomiletta #crueltyfree

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The #veganchicken burgers are really good, tasty and juicy. This is the brand that Burger

King uses for their vegan and vegetarian burgers and sandwiches. I want to try more products from this brand. This one was for free as a promotion in #rewe, the marketing strategy worked really good! ☺️

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Found them on discount and I’m so glad I decided to buy them cuz damnnn!!

I loved them!

Very crunchy and crispy on the outside even if you bake them in the oven. In fact, I wouldn’t fry them tbh They released quite the amount of grease even though I baked them without adding any oil.

I’ll buy them again for sure!

#vegangermany #fakechicken

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