Sriracha tofu

  • Is Sriracha tofu vegan? Yes! Sriracha tofu is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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Most helpful reviews

This is really tasty pan-fried, perhaps cooked other ways too. But i dont think i’d

recommend it. The one benefit (other than the convenience) is that the tofu block has been marinating in the sriracha sauce from when it was sealed until you take it out of its packet. However, it does get pretty messy, with the marinade going all over the place. You might be better off buying your tofu plain and making a sriracha marinade yourself (see their ingredients list). That way you can cut, press and prep the tofu however you like, and you have more control over the flavours.
It’s still a good, tasty product nonetheless. Probably useful for a barbeque, and especially if you didn’t have time (or you forgot) to prep the night before.

My husband loves spicy food, so I bought this tofu to try. OMG, this is

hot! I liked it but it was a bit too hot for me. My husband loved it.

I had to try this. My expectations were high and it did meet them to

an extent. It wasn't as spicy as I thought it would be. I had it cold in a lazy salad. It was a bit sweetish because of the sugar syrup in it. To be honest, it tasted great. But, considering I am cutting my sugar intake, I will go back to my usual smoked tofoo for my tofu needs.

😍 absolutely delicious! I actually preferred this cold to cooked as it retained more of

the sriracha flavour. I'd describe it as slightly sweet and smoky with a decent kick of hotness. I ate most of it on its own on a mad one. The only downside is it's a bit on the expensive side for me, but I'll look out for offers and it's definitely worth it as a treat 😊

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