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  • Vegan Fruit Flavoured Jellies
  • Vegan Fruit Flavoured Jellies

Vegan Fruit Flavoured Jellies

by The Natural Confectionery Co.


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  • Is Vegan Fruit Flavoured Jellies vegan? Yes! Vegan Fruit Flavoured Jellies is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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23 December 2020
Personally I’ve never been a big fan of lollies but I wanted to try these

because well... vegan lol. These taste sweet & sugary just like they should! only difference to other jellies is these are cruelty free! 😍🌈🍬🍭 #veganin2020 💐🎄💝

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Hei! Saw this vegan sweet in Redmart menu. Just had to try this and see

if they are nice.

Well luckily not too sweet and they melt easily then you find that you will need to pop in another sweet in to the mouth.

Overall, it’s a very nice sweet / snack to pass time or useful when I am studying.


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I was so stoked to see the Natural Confectionery Co. launch a mainstay vegan version

of gummy lollies! 😍

There is nothing I can personally fault about them—I love that it is clearly labeled as being vegan on the packaging, I love the fruity flavours, and I love the soft, gummy texture. 💛

#natural #soft #vegan #gummy #lollies

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Most people don’t realise there’s actually meat in most gummy/jelly sorts of candy. I have

finally found a vegan alternative. The first bite is a bit eh. I shared this with my friends and after the first jelly is finished it tastes so good and you have to keep eating more. Before you know it the whole pack is gone. There are 5 flavours and they’re each in shapes to resemble the fruit they’re supposed to taste like. There’s grape, orange, apple, raspberry and my favourite, pineapple. They are squishy and fun exactly like the non vegan type and even my meat eating friends soon agreed they liked these a lot better then the ordinary kind. Would definitely recommend. #veganisnotscary

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Ooooohhh..sweet treats..
I don't usually hv a sweet tooth, but when i hv d urge for

nicotine ill trick my taste bud with a different sensation. its been 2 years but i occasionally crave for nicotine when work or situational stress builds up.
so sweet treats it is.

saw this vegan version for this brand. i like tht it's not as chewy as the other popular gummy brand tht i tried.
it tasted less artificial too.

yup.. so much for not having a sweet tooth. 🤪


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