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Banana Conditioner

by The Body Shop


4.50 (12)

  • Is Banana Conditioner vegan? Yes! Banana Conditioner is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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14 July 2022
Produto muito bom !!Aroma suave, baixar assuste por ser de banana , é bem bom

. Com pouca quantidade o cabelo já fica macio e fácil de pentear . @ranchodosgnomos #ranchodosgnomos #casadoconsolador #portugal 🙌🏼💙🌎🐻😊

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Capelli deliziosamente profumati alla banana e morbidi con questo balsamo. Una vera coccola ❤️🍌

Deliciously banana-scented

and soft hair with this conditioner. A real cuddle ❤️🍌

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The smell of this conditioner is absolutely heavenly. I wasn’t sure if I’d like banana

scented conditioner but Iv been won over 🍌. That being said the conditioner did hydrate my hair, but after a few washes I noticed it weighing down my hair. I use it now and then but not as an everyday conditioner. I think how it works on your hair would depend on your hair type. The Body Shop sells a vegan banana shampoo as well as another that contains honey. Make sure to get the one that’s marked vegan 🌱 I’ve since moved on to The Body Shop Ginger shampoo/conditioner which works like a charm for my hair type 🫚. Tip: I always buy a small bottle of shampoo/conditioner when trying it out for the first time - just to see how it works on my hair. Glad I did it with this one! Tip: Return your empty bottle to The Body Shop and get a discount on your next purchase! #veganbeauty #beautybash 🍌

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I love the smell! I wish they had a reusable bottle for this too.


the body shop will be going entirely vegan in a year! Best news ever!

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