Sweet Chilli and Garlic Sauce

by Tesco
4.20 (3)
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Most helpful reviews

An absolutely wonderful sauce. I would have called it "Garlic and Sweet Chilli" - the

garlic is tremendously overpowering - but it's fabulous either way! I personally prefer hot sauce over this, but anybody who loves garlic will never want to live without this sauce!

This is a great value & tasty sweet chilli sauce - nice & thick &

sweet, fairly mildly spiced with a hint of garlic. 🌶🧄
Great in stir fry sauces & for dipping. 🍜🥟🥡
V reasonably priced at £1/250ml bottle. 💰👍

I have been using this on anything that I can 🤣 It is such a

good chilli sauce with a good kick. Put it on everything!

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