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coconut oil alternative to mature cheddar

by Tesco Plant Chef
3.30 (2)
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 80%

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Most helpful reviews

Tasted ok. Sliced up ok. Didn't taste very mature at all. #vegancheese #cheese #ditchdairy

I mean they all don’t taste that different xD (of the ones I’ve tried so

If you like vegan cheese you will like this one too 😊
It’s expensive but worth buying once in a while, I recommend making cheese sandwiches with it.

This was acceptable in a sandwich. It wasn't mature at all, more like a super

mild cheese, and it didn't melt super well, but it did slice nicely. Although I wasn't super impressed, I would get again unless I happened upon a better alternative. Wow, I just used "super" 3 times... guess I need a thesaurus. £2.20 or £11/kg (the cheese, not the thesaurus). #vegancheese #cheese #ditchdairy #cheddar #vegancheddar #plantchef #tescoplantchef

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