6 crumpets

by Tesco
4.46 (7)
  • Is 6 crumpets vegan? Yes! 6 crumpets is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
  • Carbon impact iconSaved 11%

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Tipo di pane (?) in vendita da Tesco in Irlanda. L'ho mangiato con dei sughi

durante la vacanza. Prodotto interessante, dalla consistenza inedita ma gradevole. Gusto piuttosto neutrale. Le riproverei :)

Last pic from An Cóbh (Cork County), but not the last product from Ireland 🤭

I had never had crumpets before so I can't really say if these are better or worse than others, but I can say that they are -as promised on the packaging - fluffy.
A crumpet is a small griddle bread made from an unsweetened batter. They are very popular in the United Kingdom and Ireland, so I wanted to try them.
I think they should be great with vegan butter and maybe jam (?), I'm not sure that's how they are usually eaten, but that's how I would eat them 😂 I couldn't try them with jam because we were on a road trip and buying a whole jar wasn't very convenient.
Anyway, their texture reminded me of pancakes, only unsweetened and the taste is pretty neutral, as (I think) it's supposed to be. Next time I'm in Ireland or UK I hope to try them with some kind of topping 🧐

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Luckily Tesco makes Vegan crumpets! So many cakes & breads contain milk or eggs!

Not all crumpets are vegan so it's great that these from Tesco's are, and are

clearly labelled as such. Good and thick and chewy, and at 25p for 6 they're ridiculously good value for money! 💰

Nice chunky crumpets, lovely comfort food with a slab of Vitalite margarine (or similar).
I probably

wouldn't buy at RRP (sorry, I can't remember!), but scooped at a significant reduction.

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