Szechuan Spicy Soup Huai Shan Yam Noodles

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These are some of the best #instantnoodles I’ve ever had, and I’m not just saying

that because it’s 6:30am and my body decided a can of baked beans is not a real dinner apparently 😒 There’s a stinging #mala flavour that only my partner can discern but my tongue is apparently too numb to pick up on. I find it just #spicy enough to be satisfying but not overpowering to the likes of Samyang instant ramen 🌶 This actually just tastes amazing 😋 The packet calls for 400ml of water which I found is barely enough, I’d personally go with 475ml so you have a bit more soup and because it was a tad too salty in my imo 🤧 The packaging’s pretty terrible though.. not one bit recyclable and wholly wasteful. Why do the noodles need to be in a separate bag inside the bag?? #deathbyplastic much 😣 So I can only really recommend it as a treat, and frankly perhaps that’s how we should be approaching all instant noodles for both our health and the environment 😴 #dobetter #reviewwithaview

I don't really like mala, I like spicy more when I can bite into some

kind of chilli, but I admit its very tempting to try these noodles seeing that unhealthy oily red soup. Also, no aliums? no problem, spiced it up more with our own garlic bits and fried shallots.

The photo of the prepared noodles is probably less aesthetically pleasing than desired, because I over estimated the water needed, I did fry some mushrooms with basil before cooking the noodles so that does add to its taste. Overall at a cheap price of rm7 per meal, its not bad if you are a mala enthusiast.

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