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  • Tabasco - Sriracha Sauce
  • Tabasco - Sriracha Sauce

Tabasco - Sriracha Sauce

by Tabasco


4.15 (26)

  • Is Tabasco - Sriracha Sauce vegan? Yes! Tabasco - Sriracha Sauce is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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5 July 2023
Good and hot. Good on everything that needs a spicy flavour kick. #veganhotsauce #sriracha

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This is certainly on the list of what's made that no one asked for. But

I kinda get it and it goes with everything while being tangier!

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I found this sauce at Fairway on Quadra street. After checking that it’s vegan, I

got some. I do like the taste. It’s similar to regular sriracha but with a twist of #tabasco
Will definitely get it again.

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I dislike the Tabasco pepper sauces for tasting too chemically so was a bit apprehensive

about their sriracha, which I love. Tastes great - none of the strong chemical taste of the others and packs a #spicy enough bite.

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