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Smores Cupcake

by Sweets from the Earth


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26 December 2021
Sweets From The Earth provides numerous delicious vegan treats for everyone to indulge in. These

are bound to convert the non-vegans.


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This was definitely my favourite of the batch! Marshmallow-y icing with graham cracker dust!


friend and I bought these on a night out in Toronto after we were disappointed to find out that NONE of the hundreds of cakes and pastries on the bakers shelves at the front of the Loblaws were vegan. These were a good stand-in, but I would love to encourage Loblaws to offer some more fresh vegan desserts!

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Another delicious treat from the good people at Sweets From The Earth. There wasn’t a

marshmallow in this cupcake, but the topping was marshmallow-y. Personally, I didn’t care; I was quite happy with how it looked and tasted.

This cupcake was part of a variety pack I purchased directly from the bakery.

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This #chocoholic will take a marshmallow over icing anyday.

Sadly... this was not a marshmallow

on top 😤 It was a fairly marshmallow-y flavoured and textured icing though... fluffier/lighter than the rest of the icing in this pack.

The graham cracker layer on the bottom was the perfect amount of extra.

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