Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40

by Supergoop!
4.64 (22)
  • Is Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 vegan? Yes! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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I really thought I’d finish my series of #mulusurvivaltips / Mulu reviews before I got

to this but since the feed algorithm hates photos of waterfalls and trees, I’m serving you #beach sunscreen realness instead 💅 This #reviewwithaview comes from Kota Kinabalu of course, the last destination of my recent trip to Borneo. When island hopping, it’s essential you wear #sunscreen! Even more essential that it’s #coralreeffriendly too 🙌 This checks all the boxes while being #crueltyfree 🐇 It’s still unfortunately in a huge tub of plastic that especially after picking 3 full bags of in just a short moment of snorkelling, I’m feeling really bad for 🤿 One thing at a time, I suppose? Diving in Sabah over the span of my growing up in the region, one theme that keeps getting to me is the ever shrinking of her coral reefs 🪸 Bleaching sunscreen ought to be banned! 🗯️ It’s shocking that they’re still allowed to be sold especially in shops in the region knowing full well that unknowing tourists may be harming the environment 😕 Then again, the same government actors refuse many seaside communities proper trash & refuse facilities so their trash all ends up in our oceans. This #vegansunscreen does feel a little oily on the skin, especially coming from mineral sunscreens but it seems fairly effective. I’ve got this ridiculous set of 3 eye 👁️ sunnies that would’ve given me the most hilarious suntan had I not applied this religiously. I know they’ve also got a huge bottle of this and honestly in the interest of me turning the 40s of my 20s this year, especially in sunny-ass Singapore, I might start wearing sun protection lotion more so I don’t have a 70s in my 30s moment 💀

It took me sooo long to find a great, vegan, cruelty-free sunscreen that I actually

want to use 👙🌞 this sunscreen is more of a clear, light gel and sits nicely on the skin. It goes on kinda like the smashbox photo finish primer, if you’ve ever used that, so it works really well as a base too! This vegan skincare break from your regular vegan donuts and nachos programming is brought to you by #abillionxkinder #veganbeauty #veganskincare

A great sunscreen to use! It is easy to apply and doesn't leave any white

residue on the skin! Reapply every 2 hours or after 40 minutes (if you are sweating or swimming). The downside of this is it is quite expensive for a small bottle! #sunscreen #vegansunscreen #crueltyfree

Esta es su versión de bolsillo, primero compré este para probar la textura y sensación

en mi cara, sin embargo por el precio, si es mejor comprar el grande. #vegan #crueltyfree

I love this sunscreen by Supergoop. It's thin, not chalky, or greasy and is easy

to apply under your makeup for sun protection.
#vegan #reeffriendly

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