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  • Ham and cheese sandwich
  • Ham and cheese sandwich

Ham and cheese sandwich

by Sunneen


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20 March 2022
Taste just like a ham and cheese sandwich. Can't say much more. Of course because

it's been sitting the bread is a bit soggy, but if you're hungry and need something in a pitch this does it.


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Your standard ham & cheese... But vegan! This was $5.99. I saw this while grocery

shopping. I was hungry so I immediately ate it once I was done shopping...and it scratched that itch! I like that they were generous with the vegan mayo (but it wasn't too much!).

The only issue I ran into was that the deli meat was a little unevenly placed. My first half felt really filling and yummy! The 'meat' was shifted though so the second half felt unbalanced because it had less 'meat' and a lot more bread 😅.

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