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  • Starter Kit 7 pack
  • Starter Kit 7 pack

Starter Kit 7 pack

by Stasher


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12 May 2021
As I continue to expand my cruelty free, eco-friendly products, I decided to invest in

these reusable Stasher bags to use at home.

These bags are made from silicone which does not degrade over time and can be used for long periods of time if cared for accordingly.

You can freeze, microwave, semi-boil to cook, and even dish wash these bags, and use them to store food, snacks, small gadgets, jewelry, etc.

I started using them by freezing chopped mangos for smoothies and for storing fresh rosemary after cutting it from my mom's garden.

I purchased a multi pack set with numerous sizes but Stasher bags can be purchased individually at most stores such as Target, Whole Foods, Bed Bath Beyond, and even Amazon.

When you purchase them via their website, they use less individual packaging per bag and use minimal but secure packaging when shipping 📦

Instagram: StasherBag
Website:. StasherBag.com


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Love the colors of this starter pack! We’ve been putting them to good use and

it’s nice to say an official “goodbye” to wasteful one use bags!

Thank you so much @anistavrou for the gift card! 🥰💗

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