Vegan beef style corn tortilla taquitos

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I used to eat these all the time when I lived in California (which is

the only state I've been able to find these 😭). They're vegan and gluten-free!! I believe I've tried all 3 vegan flavours-- Beef Style, Chicken Style, and Chipotle. All 3 are nice!! I prefer making them in the oven but I also just tried making them in the microwave in my hotel room and that was just fine

Delicious! Absolutely delicious! Over the moon for these taquitos. Can't say enough about them. One

of my new favorite vegan meals, hands down.

These were pretty okay. I think they tasted like taquitos, but I thought it tasted

more like chicken than beef, though my boyfriend disagreed (I guess maybe it’s just been too long since I’ve eaten meat haha). He really liked them but I thought they were just okay, pretty bland for my expectations so I added some vegan cheese to add more flavor (I thought the taste of tortilla was too overpowering, could have used more filling in my opinion). That being said, my (non-vegan) boyfriend really liked them, so maybe it’s just me. We also microwaved instead of baked to save time, so maybe they taste better if you bake them. I got them from my local sprouts and they had like 5 other flavors as well.

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