Bio-Tofu (Geräuchert)

by Spar
4.20 (2)
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Most helpful reviews

solid smoked organic tofu. could be a little bit firmer for my taste. easy to

cook with and also very tasty just raw. great value with 250g for eur 1.99

This smoked tofu is absolutely delicious! It's my favourite tofu ever and I use it

practically every day, raw as a sandwich filling or cooked into a meal. It has a surprisingly meaty taste which, when cooked in thin slices on a contact grill, serves as a great substitute for bacon. It smells delicious and sausagy, gets crispy very easily and has never let me down in taste. I can highly recommend this affordable and versatile product for all vegans. Honestly the most scrumptious tofu of my entire life, miles above what I've tasted before.

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